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The Satanic Evil of Freemasonary - Educational videos

Freemasons believe that Lucifer is the "light-bearer" and god of planet earth, which is why they deceive us with the globe earth deception, to hide the almighty God creator of everything and all.

Insider Exposes Freemasonry as the World’s Oldest Secret Religion and the Luciferian Plans for The New World Order:

Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry:

The world is run by secret societies pushing materialism which leads to deceive the masses into Atheism. 

Freemasons on the other hand, knowingly or unknowingly (until a certain degree) worship Lucifer and practice New Age Pagan Satanic black magick witchcraft rituals (such as the soul scalping Vril droning ritual which results in the Black Eye Club). 

Soul scalping occurs when a humans soul is trapped from the body during satanic rituals or trauma. Does this explain all of the black & reptilian eyes?

All the prominent or elite people in leadership positions in government, entertainment, athletics, and corporations are Freemasons. 

Here is the membership list of the Swedish Luciferian Freemasons on excel-format.

Here is the membership list in pdf-format: Part 1 (A-F), Part 2 (G-K), Part 3 (L-Q), Part 4 (R-Ö)
The speaker in the parlament, Anders Norlén, is a Freemason.

Sweden's Parliament Ousts Prime Minister Löfven

"Chaos" in the parlament.. Feels soo good that freemasons are there to create order.. 

They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

Look closer at the picture below…

Masonic Motto: Ordo Ab Chao

As the tattoo says...

Of the many symbols and phrases of Freemasonry, a few mottoes are important enough to be prominently, and sometimes publicly displayed on flags, seals, or regalia. 

The phrase “Ordo Ab Chao,” is the motto of the 33rd degree, which can be found on the grand decorations of the Order of the Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, one of the highest honors and roles which can be bestowed upon a Mason. 

It is also featured on other seals and flags representing various Orders.

The Norwegian Pedocracy and Freemasonry runs a bestial child welfare service in Norway.

There is a 27 times higher chance of being killed if you are a child welfare child, compared to the rest of the population.

The child welfare industry in Norway is the country's largest industry. It kills 140 children a year:

As these people work their way up the degree rank system of Freemasonry via rituals they gain access to higher more secretive ranks and clubs, such as the Order of the Jesuits. 

Taking A Knee Is A Masonic Ritual – This Is The Meaning:

Satanic Secrets Of International Cult EXPOSED! Ex-Freemason Revealed Everything!

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order:

Satanic Secrets Of International Cult EXPOSED! Ex-Freemason Revealed Everything!

Freemasonry was founded by the Jesuit Order, whom are also the founders of fascism, The Illuminati, The Vatican & Zionism.

Om ondskans toppnoder på planeten och den globala revolutionen:
Om socialismen som navet för den nya världsordningen:

Listen and learn about the Satanists in Freemasonary that rule the world:

Ex Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons:

Let’s talk about the Masons. Freemasonary and their satanic rituals:

Freemasonry, Secret Societies, & The ‘Pandemic’:

Profumo Affair Exposed Masonic Conspiracy:

The Angkosaxian establishment is rotten with traitors if that word has any meaning when treason is the norm.

They are everywhere!:

JLP | Caller Makes Wild Claims of Years of Abuse From Freemasons:

Freemasonic Degree Hierarchy Structure.


This is an extremely interesting 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inch, very heavily illustrated 32 page booklet called Enthüllte Welt-Freimaurerei (World Freemasonry Exposed) as published by Der Aufbau magazine.

You can see that the 3rd Reich were interesting in exposing the freemasons and prosecuting them, but this booklet is well-written, well-illustrated and it covers the subject of the Masonic Order in more depth than anything else we have seen that was published during the Third Reich. 

It is full of photos of secret signs, emergency signs, secret identifications, Masonic clothing and rituals, and artifacts from daggers to rings, books, skeletons, coffins.

Erdogan is a Freemason, member of Turkey’s secret society ‘Dömneh’, claims Serbian-Yugoslavian researcher:

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