fredag 17 augusti 2018

About a message from a friend - Guest entry

A dear friend, who read this prophecy about Sweden, sent me a message to forward to the people of Sweden:

Hello Sweden, This is the rest of the civilized world calling. Are you home?

We just called to tell you how foolish you look.

You look like complete idiots to the rest of the world, except Angela of course because she wants to destroy you too.

We had always admired you for your common sense and continual success. Now we see a unique collection of morons leading your country into the abyss.

Don’t you see what your leaders are doing?

They are destroying your country and you are letting them do it.

Muslims have never hidden their intentions. Just read the Qur’an and you will see over 30 serahs commanding his followers to kill all infidels. That is you.

We, who have brains, can also readily examine 1,400 years of history and see a Jihad of butchery, conquest and occupation. Apparently, you do not have brains. Such a shame. You were once a proud and glorious nation.

Now you are not, and by your own hands. Good bye.

The author writes to me that he does not remain anonymous for fear of the Muslims, but rather for fear of whatever craziness your leaders might do. They are crazy you know.