måndag 13 juli 2015

Om en ond plan och hur de lyckas

Nedan är ett inlägg från en källa i nordvästra UK vid namn Valerie som jag bedömer som mycket trovärdigt. Det påvisar det jag har skrivit om här. Demokratin är bara en illusion. Det ni skall få läsa är kanske sanningen som fördolts oss genom svekfulla politiker sedan tidigt 70-tal.

Jag har tidigare läst samma sak från andra källor. Detta förklarar också varför Salafisterna har sån makt i väst och sådan total makt över våra politiker. Något jag skrivit om här. Läs och begrunda och bilda dig en egen uppfattning. Ni får också reda på när (på datum när) och var massinvandringen planerades.

År 1975 hände en annan viktig sak som ni kan läsa om här. 1973, 1975 och 1977 var alltså tre ödesår för Sverige då de politiska beslut togs som vi idag upplever konsekvenserna av. Nu över till Valerie:

"Found this interesting article on the agreement by European politicians have kept secret for more than 40 years, nemmelig the European - Arab dialogue.
The article is a small sample of what the British / Egyptian, politician, writer, historian and researcher Bat Ye'or (Gisele Littman), wrote in the book "Eurabia: The Euro - Arab Axis", which appeared in 2005.
The article reads.
(Bat Ye'or published in 2005, the book Eurabia: The Euro - Arab Axis, here unfolds Ye'or a detailed theory of how the Arab countries got hugged on European governments during the oil crisis in 1973 and with it the essential power acquirer to to launch a millennium old plan Muslim world domination.
According to Ye'or, Islam is Exactly from Muhammad's days around the year 600 represented an occupation apparatus of jihad as the deadly core, driven by the desire "Muslim takeover and domination of vast territories inhabited by non-Muslims."
In Ye 'ors vocabulary comes Muslims and Arabs out of one, and she calls Islam a' bloodsucking religion "who steal blood from his "subjects".

Until 1973, the Arabs hard by sucking the blood out of Europe, but this year everything changed.

When OPEC put cork in the oil pipes, asked the Arabs a secret ultimatum with a number of requirements which the EC countries were to meet, if they would have olie - and cash flows from the Arab banks and funds to flow again.
The euro whips rulers had no choice, they capitulated unconditionally, writes Ye'or.
Euro - Arab Dialogue (EAD), which was established this year, was not, as the official explanation sounds a French initiative to discuss economic and political issues between European and Arab countries.
According to Ye'or was and EAD an Arab initiative and has since 1973 acted as west Europe secret government.
Sometimes it acts under the code names as Euromediterrnian Partnership or Baracelona process, but there is a single project.
Until today, the Euro Arab Dialogue, completely unknown to Europeans, despite the fact that its occult machinery has implemented Europe's irreversible transformation through secret channels.
European taxpayers do not realize that they fund Dialogue many foundations and complex organs working through their national parliaments, the European Parliament, the Eu - Commission, academia, the press, the media and politicians - all spins the web, writes Ye'or, adding since the churches , parties, industries and banks to this "occult machinery".
The reason for the Europeans' experience of confusion about the increasing social insecurity, the erosion of the fundamental freedoms and the insidious mutation of their communities, according Ye'or result of what elected politicians have planned in secret European Commission's decision-making bodies, and the entire leadership back to the EAD and the year 1973rd
Muslims now wield a solid dominion over Europe politics and economics.
Besides the surrender of institutional power, capitulated European leaders also face the Arabs requirement to implement a large Muslim population in Europe, which should enjoy full political, cultural, social and religious rights in host countries.
The so-called immigration problem in Europe is therefore not the result of misguided leftist humanism and European employer's need for cheap labor.
Mass immigration was actually planned on a euro Arabic seminar at the University of Venice on 28 to 30 March 1977 reveals Ye 'or)"

Här hittar ni protokollet från mötet i Venedig 1977