fredag 7 maj 2021


Dear friends,

I just want to let you know that I am working on what I believe is the greatest revelation of our time: 

an amazing documentary that shows - hold on to your seat - that virtually EVERYTHING in our world is owned by... 


Virtually all technology, air travel, banking, media, clothing, all industries, food, hotels, transportation, you name it… Almost everything people eat, drink, watch, use, put on, listen to, travel with…. everything in our life, from the moment we wake up, all during the day, even the beds we sleep on at night, is owned by 


We see a million different names out there, but… these are all just brands on the surface. Behind the millions of names there is ultimately one single name, that owns all of them. 

How is this possible? Simple: every big company is owned by shareholders. Turns out that the past decades one single investment company has been buying the majority of the shares of almost every big company in the whole world. And... it bought the  shares of all other shareholders too, so it owns them as well! 

The name of this investment company is Vanguard. 
I hope to have this documentary ready for you in about a week or so, so stay tuned. It will show you all the hard data from the financial world, that shows who owns the shares of every big name out there, be it Apple, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Airbnb, Expedia, MacDonalds, Boeing, Netflix,... just name a big name and they probably own it. Even Facebook, Twitter, Google... they are all owned by this same company.

That, my friends, explains it all. That is why they can control the whole world with their fingertips. 

They have been buying everything, from the beds we sleep on, the clothes we wear, the social media we enjoy, the phones we use, the computers we work on, the cars we drive, the airplanes we fly, the hotels we stay at, the insurance we pay, and countless other things. 

Not only do they own all the big companies in the world, they also own every major globalist organization, like the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and so on. 

This company is onwed by a few families, some of which will also be named in the documentary. 

This documentary was first made in Dutch by a bright young man from the Netherlands who lives in Spain. It went viral like nothing else I ever saw in the Dutch speaking communities worldwide. It is sending shockwaves... 

I contacted this man and right away we had a connection, and became friends. 

We are now together making an international version of this documentary, that will blow the world awake. I plan on translating it into many languages, so every nation on earth can become aware of what is going on.  

Major Awakening

You know what is so amazing? Nobody talks about this! No news media, no politican, no scientist, not even any alternative media. Mainstream media hides it of course, because they are all owned by this company. But apparently even the alternative media DON'T KNOW THIS YET! We all know there is a very small elite who rules most of the world, but... 

who would have thought it's in fact ONLY ONE SINGLE COMPANY who is at the top of it all? 

Surely we are living in an amazing time of awakening.
What would happen if nurses and physicians around the world knew that the tools they use, the medicines they prescribe, the hospitals they work in, the agencies they obey, the universities they went to, everything is owned by one and the same company? 

They would all stop cooperating with their evil agenda. Nobody wants to be the minion of one single company! 

This is - in my opinion - the discovery of the millennium...

Pray and support

Please pray for me and my friend, that we can finish this incredible project well. Your prayers, love and support are priceless. If we join forces, we can do something this world has never witnessed yet. The current attack on humanity is something nobody has ever seen before... but if we all open our hearts and hands and join together, the world will see something far greater than this evil:

a historic awakening and rising up of humanity, to build a better world together.

If you can help us with translations, contact me. I want to do Chinese, Hindi, Arab and all the other major languages, like Spanish, German, French etc. This is al costng a lot of money so if you want to help us with this project, please make a donation here. Thank you so much! 

Much love,
David Sorensen

PS: as a family we also have a critical challenge facing us, that can have a major impact on everything we do. I will share this the following days, so stay tuned. 

About Human clones and doubles

Since At Least WW2 Clones Have Existed. There Are 4 Main Types:

1) Actual Clones: This is a person grown from test tubes, known as 'in vitro" or implanted in a womb, having identical genetic makeup to another person. 

2) Synthetic People: These persons look every bit as real as a real person although are made of certain tissues extracted from cattle for example. 

3) Organic Robotoids: This is an artificial life created totally different than clones or synthetics. Organic robotoid technology is being used to make exact as possible copies of important people. 

4) Doubles (Look-alikes): An ongoing program to find look-alikes for prominent people, as well as a program to create secret identical twins (which are separated at birth and never see each other). 

Full Article In Bio Link - The Executed: Clones, Doubles, & Vril Lizard Reptilian Parasites:

Exemplary skinmasks & skinsuits by White Hat actors in disguise. Actors like Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, or JFK Jr:

Biden may be working with an actor or a double. He may even have a clone

See also: 

The Satanic Evil of Freemasonary - Educational videos:

The Satanic Evil of Freemasonary - Educational videos

Freemasons believe that Lucifer is the "light-bearer" and god of planet earth, which is why they deceive us with the globe earth deception, to hide the almighty God creator of everything and all.

The world is run by secret societies pushing materialism which leads to deceive the masses into Atheism. 

Freemasons on the other hand, knowingly or unknowingly (until a certain degree) worship Lucifer and practice New Age Pagan Satanic black magick witchcraft rituals (such as the soul scalping Vril droning ritual which results in the Black Eye Club).

All the prominent or elite people in leadership positions in government, entertainment, athletics, and corporations are Freemasons. 

As these people work their way up the degree rank system of Freemasonry via rituals they gain access to higher more secretive ranks and clubs, such as the Order of the Jesuits. 

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order:

Freemasonry was founded by the Jesuit Order, whom are also the founders of fascism, The Illuminati, The Vatican & Zionism.

Om ondskans toppnoder på planeten och den globala revolutionen:

Om socialismen som navet för den nya världsordningen:

Listen and learn about the Satanists in Freemasonary that rule the world:

Ex Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons:

X-Factor Winner Altiyan Childs Reveals World's Secret Religion:

Freemasonic Degree Hierarchy Structure.

torsdag 6 maj 2021

Overwhelming evidence that the pandemic is a crime

Overwhelming evidence that the pandemic is a crime

The past days I have worked very hard to create something extremely powerful for you, that I believe is unique in the world:

A comprehensive and very clear overview of dozens of scientific trials and investigative reports that prove how the pandemic is a criminal operation. 

I have added this to the powerful interview with trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who says they have the evidence to sue governments, health organizations, and the WHO. When you open the post with Reiner Fuellmich, scroll down a bit, and you will see the amazing amount of evidence that I added.

Here's what you can download:
✔︎ In depth scientific research on COVID-19, which shows that there is unprecedented medical fraud worldwide. There are six independent research reports, confirming each other.

✔︎ Authoritative scientific studies showing that the PCR test gives high rates of false positives, and is unable to detect infection. 

✔︎ Review of all available scientific literature on face masks, showing that they do not stop a virus, but rather increase the risk of infection and pose serious health risks. 

✔︎ Scientific studies proving that lockdowns do not stop virus spread and instead cause indescribable harm to societies and people.

✔︎ Scientific trials on the cures for COVID-19: HCQ, Budesonide, Ivermectin and Chlorine Dioxide. These studies prove that there is no reason for life-threatening, experimental vaccines.

✔︎ Scientific studies showing that vaccinated people get much more seriously ill when given COVID-19 than unvaccinated people, plus other scientific information about the experimental vaccines.

A total of almost thirty scientific studies and investigative reports, which you can download and distribute for free.

A Wealth of Scientific Information
This is a great resource for physicians, nurses, lawyers, schools, and anyone who really wants to see the hard evidence, and use it to preserve freedom.

Please make this important page widely known in your community and network. Send it to your doctor, schools, governments, and so on. 

We can all send emails, we can all talk to people. If you have a family physician, or go to a hospital, please send them this link. Send this to people in authority, to church leaders, school directors, etc.

May this page with overwhelming scientific evidence reach the world, as never before!

It is my desire and prayer that I will be able to translate this page into twenty languages. Your support can help make this a reality. 

David Sorensen

PS: As a family we are facing a devastating challenge that I will share more about soon. I hope many hearts will be open for what I need to share.

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tisdag 4 maj 2021

The very best documentaries to awaken the whole world


Dear Friends,

I want to give you an exciting overview of the extremely powerful interviews and documentaires I plan on putting on a brand new homepage, that will be translated into twenty (hopefully more) languages for all of humanity to see. 

As I said before: every homepage in a different language is meant to be a ONE STOP for all people in that language group, to QUICKLY AND CLEARLY SEE what is going on in the world. 

Every video will feature some of the worlds most brillant minds, with high positions of authority and levels of great expertise, so nobody can say ‘it’s just a stupid conspiracy’.

This is the list I am working on right now. If you know other high quality videos, then let me know.

⭐️ Heroes of Humanity ⭐️
Reiner Fuellmich
Incredibly eye-opening interview that ​shows the world how top trial lawyers worldwide are saying the pandemic is a crime. ​Reiner Fuellmich has succesfully sued several large fraudulent corporations, and is now organizing global trials ​against the WHO​, governments and all who are complicit of this crime against humanity.

Andreas Kalcker
International top scientist who works with 5,000 medical doctors from almost 30 countries developed a 100% effective cure for covid, but … is massively censored. This world leading biophysicist explains why every cure for COVID is censored: there is a new world order, that wants to reduce humanity and replace many of us with artificial intelligence.

Dr. Carrie Madej
The most interviewed medical expert in the world, exposes in ​this dramatic​documentary the hidden plan of transhumanism (changing humans into cyborgs) ​behind the new vaccine technologies. 

Dr. Simone Gold

Internationally leading medical authority, founder of Americas Frontline Doctors, spokesperson for 600 medical doctors who communicated with President Trump. She is now working with countless scientists, laywers, and physicians to expose the crimes of the plandemic. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, who was shot for exposing the elite’s plans to enslave humanity. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been fighting corruption for decades, and reveals how criminal most governments are, who collaborate with the mafia of the pharmaceutical industry.

Rick Martin
A fearless freedom fighter who has put more corrupt judges and law enforcement officers behind prison walls than anyone else. He explains the fundamental principles of that evry human has God given rights, that need to be protected by governments. He also explains how to defend our lives from corrupt governments.

All these will be on the new homepage soon, 
so stay tuned... 

⭐️ Top Documentaries ⭐️
Most viewed documentary of all time, featuring leading scientists, who expose the crime of the pandemic. 

Brilliant documentary showing how the pandemic is designed to steal all rights and freedoms from humanity, and establish the Great Reset, or New World Order. 

World famous investigative journalist David Icke explains in an engaging animated film how it is possible to pull of a worldwide pandemic. 

Full feature film shows how the mainstream media is used to brainwash humanity. With testimonies of some of the last true journalists who are left worldwide.  

Documentary by Hollywood insiders who reveal how the movie industrie is used to control the world. Hollywood is instructed by for example the CIA, criminal billionaires, satanic societies, etc.  

The epic series that explain in detail how a worldwide elite is the true cause of most suffering on earth, and how this ‘cabal’ is approaching it’s historical downfall.

All these will be on the new homepage soon, 
so stay tuned.

🔥 Upcoming Projects 🔥 
Amazing fact based documentary revealing how virtually everything on earth (food, tech, clothing, media, governments, every industry…) is owned by one single company! Absolutely mind blowing...

Good hearted people in dozens of nations are connecting with CPAC (US conservatives) to stand against the New World Order and defend freedom. 

The plan to change people into cyborgs. With Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Marck Zuckerberg (who is a cyborg already), the World Economic Forum, and so on. A new ‘humanity’ created by the evil superrich, who rule over these humans 2.0 as ‘gods’. 

Shocking documentary about the worst evil on earth. The supperrich elite are all involved in trafficking, abusing, sacrificing and even eating children. Millions of children dissapear every single year… 

All these will be on the new homepage soon, 
so stay tuned...

😃 Stand With Us! 😃 
If you value this project, then please support our efforts to awaken humanity from the grip of deception by the supperrich. 

If you are a person of faith, then pray for us, for protection and wisdom.

If you are financially enabled, then please support us here with your resources.

If you can help with text editing, Wordpress editing or translations, contact me.. 

As a family we are also facing a critical and threathening challenge in our own life, as the result of doing everything for free, for the whole world. I will explain more about this soon. Stay tuned ❤️ 

Let’s be ONE as humans all over the world, even with all our different colors, cultures, and beliefs. 

Let’s UNITE in LOVE to stand against these wicked madmen, and reveal the truth to all of humanity.

We can do it, if we are one in love. 
For God is love. 

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