torsdag 10 november 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Donald Trump

Dear mr future president, Donald Trump. On behalf of a huge part of the Swedish population I would like to send our Congratulations to your victory in the presidential election.

Me together with many Swedes are both humiliated, angry and embarrassed on our government's failure to show respect and congratulate you to your victory.

Our government doesn't speak for many of us common citizens in Sweden, only about 20-25%, thus I would like to send our apologies for the Swedish government being so rude to you.

Your victory is also a victory for World Peace and the risk for a WWIII has decreased significantly. Hillary would have brought us to nuclear destruction, that's for sure.

So please, for the sake of peace and safety, continue to build trust with Russia and Putin and wipe out IS together with Russia in order to crush them for good.

Please also take steps to clean up the wide spread corruption in the country that gave you it's confidence.

I know there are good people within your agencies, your Intelligence community, FBI and in Pentagon that know about the crimes to America and humanity that has been made by corrupt people using their position for their own benefits, or for a sinister agenda, the New World Order.

I also know that you know who the guilty persons are, so please let law enforcement and the military do their job and arrest those people and place them in court for high treason.

Good luck in your office Mr Trump. The world rely on you and have faith in you.

I agree with the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in what is written here, that you might be the leader that will end the era of political correctness that has been strangling us for so long, especially in Sweden.

I have faith that you will be the force doing so,

Make America great again Mr. Trump, and lead the healing process of the wounds in your nation.

God bless you and America!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Mycket bra initiativ och bra formulerat!

  2. Mycket bra initiativ och bra formulerat!

  3. I too wish to forward my congratulations to the president elect. And even more so to the courage and integrity of the American people. You did it!

  4. Instämmer helt, bra formulerat
    Olle Danielsson

  5. Så inkompetent du är som hyllar en fascist som tror sig kunna stoppa flykten av bolag till låglöneländer samt automatiseringen som gör att väst inte har mycket jobb kvar i framtiden. I väst styr kapitalet och börserna grundfundamentet av systemet. Försöker du hindra faktorerna som gör bolagen lönsamma kommer du se enorma krasch på börsen och enorma handelskrig. Systemet kommer att gå under och du hyllar en sådan människa.
    Så jäkla imbecillt att inte ens fatta vad du snackar om.